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The Award Winning Worthington Stock Letter Has Been Quietly Crushing the Results of The S&P 500 

If you want to be on the winning team, you owe it to yourself to check out the results.   

The returns of The Worthington Stock Letter have handily beaten the most expensive stock newsletters put out by Motley Fool, Forbes, Morningstar, Jim Cramer and others too numerous to mention.

The highlighted stocks have beaten the market nine out of the last ten years by a wide margin (including the bear market of 2008) averaging over 4% higher returns annually.  While an additional 4 or 5% a year might not seem like much, it’s that type of performance advantage that made Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch so wealthy due to the power of compounding returns. It’s the difference between an average retirement and a spectacular retirement, adding millions to your investment account over time.

Michael Worthington cracked the “secret” code of the two greatest value investors of all-time.  It made their investors rich; now it’s your turn.

Michael distilled the teachings of these two investing legends into a set of investing laws (that remains private) called the Worthington Stock Charter. The returns have been spectacular.

Before we go any further, we have to take a quick step back.

Serious investors know who Warren Buffett is. Many investors aren’t familiar with the story of Shelby Davis who turned $50,000 of his wife’s money into $900 million over 47 years.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Shelby Davis was a friend of Warren Buffett’s father, Howard. It’s no coincidence that both Shelby Davis and Warren Buffett invested in a remarkably similar manner.

That similarity formed the foundation of the three-step process that Michael Worthington uses to find undervalued stocks to beat the market averages.

Here’s the three-step foundation of the Worthington Stock Charter for identifying market-beating value stocks.

Step #1 – “If you discover a stock with a low price-to-earnings ratio, that has the potential for long-term earnings growth, you’ve found yourself a gold mine.”- Michael Worthington

Shelby Davis attributed his success to what he referred to as the “Davis Double Play.” The Davis Double Play consists of investing in low-P/E stocks that don’t reflect their true earnings potential. As the company increases its earnings, investors bid up the P/E multiple, ensuring non-linear outsized gains for the stock price.

It’s a simple formula to follow in theory, but the Davis Double Play is quite difficult to successfully implement in real life. After all, if it was really that easy, everyone would already be doing it and the edge would be lost.  Michael has mastered the nuances of the Davis Double play, and it’s helped the returns of his readers immensely.

But that’s still not enough to beat the market in today’s sophisticated investment world.

Step #2 – “Everyone makes money in a bull market with low inflation.  What separates the truly great investors is the ability to protect winnings in bear markets and make money in environments with rising inflation .” Michael Worthington

Students of Warren Buffett are familiar with his recommendation to only invest in companies with a clear competitive advantage (competitive moat). What the majority of investors don’t pay attention to is the ‘Buffett Inflation Moat’  as Michael Worthington likes to call it.

The Buffett inflation moat refers to a companies ratio of revenue to net tangible assets.  The higher the ratio, the better.

As inflation rises, the cost to obtain and maintain net tangible assets increases accordingly.  Although two companies may produce the same amount of revenue per share, the company with the most net tangible assets will incur higher costs going forward as inflation rises.  They’ll thus earn a lower rate of return and have less money to return to shareholders over time.

This helps illustrate why using only price-to-earnings and earnings per share can be very miss-leading and lead to poor long-term investment choices. A less sophisticated will be left scratching their head, wondering why they’re not making money. Michael deftly avoids these value traps for his subscribers.

Michael then took it a step further, creating a  phenomenal advantage for his members.

Step #3 –  “If you catch the ‘meat’ of a value stock move and repeat the process over and over, you’ll never want for money due to the power of compounding returns.” – Michael Worthington

The easiest way to make big money in the stock market is to buy a stock when you have the highest probability of catching the majority or “meat” of a stock price move in the shortest amount of time and repeating the process over and over.

When Michael Worthington presents a stock, his valuation models are anticipating a 20- 25% upside return within 12 months. Sure, he gets plenty of stocks that double in price in 12 months or less, but he’s not swinging for home runs. He then repeats this process over and over, leveraging the power of compounded returns to achieve stellar results.

Michael is more concerned about eliminating significant losses than going after big wins. Consistent returns and avoiding significant losses are two of the biggest keys to beating the market while being able to sleep well at night.

When growth and momentum stocks come crashing down (as they always do) it’ll be the same type of value stocks that made Warren Buffett and Shelby Davis extremely wealthy, that’ll make readers thankful for the day they joined the Worthington Stock Letter.

“Every year the market gets attracted to certain stocks, and they go on to phenomenal gains, those are the ones that I want to be in”– Michael Worthington

Our Members #1 Request: “Just Tell Me The Best Stocks to Buy and Why,” So We Did.

When it came right down to it, many of our members didn’t have the time to run stock screens, do a thorough analysis of current and past 10-K and 10-Q’s, measure changes in key financial metrics, listen to quarterly conference calls, keep abreast of existing and proposed regulations, track sector strength etc. I’m sure you get the point. Now they don’t have to if they don’t want to.

Stop Sacrificing Time Away From Your family and Your Favorite Hobbies.  It’s the #1 Regret People Have Later In Life. Instead, Choose The Easy Path and Let a Proven, Successful Investor Find The Best Stocks For You.

Some of the brightest doctors, lawyers, and finance professionals have dedicated a good portion of their lives to beat the stock market but continue to fail. They’ve read the top investing books, bought the most expensive software, paid for high-end coaching and still lag the market.

Along the way, they’ve given up pleasurable hobbies and sacrificed time away from their family and friends. You don’t have to do that to beat the market and retire wealthy.

It takes hundreds of hours to research companies, construct financial models, stay on top of company news, follow industry trends, analyze management and scour 10Qs and 10Ks for nuggets of priceless information.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to do that, you can sit back and let the team of professionals at the Worthington Stock Letter do all that hard work for you. Leveraging technology and staff, they’re able to unearth value stocks with an upcoming catalyst in place that gives you a great chance to experience eye-popping returns over the next 12-24 months.

You’re essentially paying their research team pennies a day to do all the hard work.

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Here’s What You Receive When You Join Our Family of Successful Investors 

The Worthington Stock Letter is different. The Worthington Stock Letter hands you winning undervalued stocks that aren’t found in the headlines. The big winners you’ll miss because they’re not on your radar – that’s value.

1) You’ll get exclusive access to the best value and dividend stock recommendations, the same ones that have consistently outperformed the stock market averages and other top-rated newsletters year after year.

When Michael Worthington presents a stock, he’s expecting a 20- 25% gain in 12 months. Sure, you’ll get plenty of 100% gains, but he’s not swinging for home runs. Worthington is more concerned about eliminating big losses. This is one of the biggest keys to beating the market while still be able to sleep well at night.

2) Highlighted stocks have included Priceline (PCLN), NetEase (NTES), (STMP), Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (TSEM), Orbotech Ltd. (ORBK).  These, and other stocks too numerous to mention doubled in price in less than a year and went on to much bigger gains from there.

Any stock newsletter can get lucky a couple of times. Instead, focus on the overall results that you can obtain in relation to the risk you’re taking. In that sense, The Worthington Stock Letter is almost unbeatable.

3) You’ll receive exact buy and sell prices to help maximize profits along with a complete analysis of highlighted stocks.

One mistake many value investors make is getting into a stock too early which ties up their capital, thus limiting their potential returns. Another is getting into a stock too late or staying in a stock too long and watching helplessly as profits disappear. Worthington’s proprietary technical indicators will help you avoid those traps and keep more of your hard-earned money.

4) You can spend hundreds of hours doing the research yourself or save your sanity and let us do the hard work for you.

The Worthington requirements are so stringent and the research so thorough, that on average only 10-20 new stocks will qualify in any given year. Essentially, you’re just paying $10-$20 a stock recommendation for all that work, which turns out to be pennies on the dollar for all the research you receive.

5) If you’re serious about beating the market, become a member of The Worthington Stock Letter while it’s still open. If you’re not a member, you’re missing out on an extra 50% ROI.

We remove any of the risks by offering you a full money back guarantee!

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If you’re serious about beating the market, shouldn’t you be a member of the top performing value stock newsletter?

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Why It’s Imperative That We Limit Membership

We want to make sure that our member’s returns aren’t diminished while their money grows exponentially. Therefore, we track the price moves of stocks The Worthington Stock Letter recommends. We want the same advantage for our members that Warren Buffett, Shelby Davis, and Peter Lynch had when they first started.

At some point, the growth of our member’s money will start affecting returns. It happens to every newsletter and investment fund. Then we’ll close the opportunity to join The Worthington Stock Letter for new members. We see that coming in the short-term, but we’re not quite there yet.

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*Here’s the required legal disclaimer.  Past performance does not guarantee future results. Results will vary by individual due to price fills, commissions, taxes paid and timing of purchases and sales. There are periods where growth and momentum stocks will outperform Value and Dividend Stocks. We cannot and therefore make no guarantees that our subscribers will beat the returns of the S&P 500, Wilshire 5000 or other investing indices and newsletters by investing in stocks listed in the Worthington Stock Letter.