The Value Investors Association mission is helping the individual investor retire with more money by providing award winning investing information.

The guiding principles of our organization have been set forth by investing legends including but not limited to John Templeton, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Jack Bogle and Peter Lynch.

Our Guiding principles:

Buy Low – Sell High

Don’t try to time the market but instead use probabilities to position for positive advancements.

Only invest in liquid investments.

Keep Expenses Low (easiest way to retire with more money

Proper Diversification for retirement accounts. (No one can predict the future with any degree of accuracy)

Use proven strategies that have been tested to be effective

Offerings for our investors include:

Value Investors Association Membership: Includes retirement investing information, model portfolio’s,

Pendultus Premium; Value and Dividend Stock Lett

The Worthington Stock Letter

ETF Authority Pro: Model ETF Porfolio’s